PaintCode 2 for Mac OS X

I hesitated to buy the first version of PaintCode. Even though a developer friend of mine convinced me of the power and benefits of using the app, I couldn't reasonably spend $99.99 to buy it.

PaintCode Icon

The main reason of that choice was that, with my limited skills with graphic editors, I wasn't confortable enough to create the UI elements and icons that I needed in my apps. PaintCode was already easy to use but I am not enough of a creative thinker to figure out how to create pre-iOS 7 textured rich controls without following an embarrassing step-by-step tutorial.

Things have changed since then. iOS 7 has been introduced, with a fresh flat design that takes all its power from a more simple and streamlined user interface. Pretty much every icons and controls that an iOS 7 app would need can be created using basic shapes and lines, which is a great advantage for every iOS developer who isn't a good designer.

PaintCode 2 seems very interesting to me today. Not only the app is sold at the introductory price of $79.99, but it has been significantly improved over the last year and introduces some welcome new features like StyleKits. I have downloaded the trial version1 and will give it a chance to claim a cozy spot on my Dock.

1. PaintCode 2 weights only 5.2MB. Its developers claims that the application doesn't use any image resources aside from the app icon.

New York Doesn’t Love You

John DeVore:

New York City doesn’t love you. Why would you think you’re in a relationship with New York? It’s not a boyfriend or a parent. New York will never give you its approval because New York City is too busy being New York City to care about you.

New York’s indifference to your plight makes you strong. Fall to your knees and thank New York for making you strong.

New York doesn’t miss me. I don’t even think New York knows I’m gone.

Whoever you are, New York will give you a hard time, and you will love it.