Hello there

I'm Guillaume Fort1, an experienced programmer usually using iOS and PHP to achieve my projects.

My preference goes to developing for iOS, but I'm also comfortable with Android, Java and Web technologies.

Lately, I have been working for the Research Institute of a Swiss University for which I was in charge of designing and building mobile apps like MMHS, M-Drill and GuerillaShopping.

I like staying up to date with the latest tech trends and I'm eager to share my opinion about it over a Belgian beer or so.

During my free time, I also created Scoretron and Vitroceram.

I'm currently living in Switzerland and I'm seeking for a job. If you're interested in my profile, drop me a line.

1. When I introduce myself to an English speaker, they usually ask me to repeat my name. Sometimes, they even ask me to write it and I can tell you, It doesn't help! For those of your who are curious, it's actually pronounced "Gee-yohm", with a "G" as in "Go".


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