I remember my first visit to an Apple Store, back in 2008. I did the trip to Geneva (Switzerland) to meet a friend and decided to stop by the Apple Store. The store was still brand new at the time and it was very crowded. If I had to describe that first experience, I would say that it was bright and noisy.

I couldn't access the stands to have a sneak peek at the last Apple products. Every stand was surrounded by dozens of people and the paths between them were obstructed by Apple Geniuses. Every sounds coming from the crowd were reflected against the 8 meters high ceiling made of glass and forced everyone in the store to make more noise to be understood.

Buy cutting through the crowd, I eventually found a free spot at the iPod stand, all the way back in the store. What interested me the most about this stand wasn't to discover the colored iPod nano, but it gave visitors the opportunity to experience with high-end headphones. This is where I met Monster Beats products for the first time.

I decided to try the Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Studio. Its noise canceling feature immediately transported me out of the store. I was able to leave the noisy crowd who was surrounding me while enjoying an awesome music playlist selected by Apple. I was in a face to face with the music. The last thing I wanted to do was to remove the headphones and get out of the store.