A well-deserved retirement

Next week, on September 9th, Apple will unveil its future iPhone lineup and give us further information about its latest operating system: iOS 8. I am still a proud owner of an iPhone 4, but the time has come for me to upgrade it to a more recent device.

iPhone 4

Sketched by Scott Hulme

During the last four years, my iPhone 4 has been my only phone, music player, clock, alarm and so much more. It still works like a charm expect a mechanical issue with the camera autofocus and an unsurprising poor battery life due to 768 battery cycles.

From all the phones that I have had, this iPhone 4 is my personal favorite. Even four years after its release, I still love its design and the iPhone 4 retina screen, the first ever released by Apple, has been a game changer for an entire industry.

In the coming weeks, I will have to replace it with an iPhone 5s or an iPhone 6x for two main reasons: iOS 8 and Touch ID. The iPhone 4 is not supported by iOS 8 and I am very excited by the new possibilities offered by the Touch ID API1.

Based on the iPhone 6 specs and new features, I will choose my iPhone replacement device, hopping that it will deserve a warm spot in my front left pocket.

1. As a 1Password user, I can't be more excited by this extension.