Professional projects

My Mobile Health Space

I developed this project when I was working for a Swiss University. MMHS offers young asthmatics a mobile app that teaches them the basics of the disease and gives them and their parents tools to monitor their asthma.

Based on their personal profile, MMHS users are offered to experience with different widgets adapting the service to their needs, including serious games and multimedia resources.

MMHS has been awarded by the Dalle Molle Foundation for its general interest and its high scientific quality.

[iPhone and Android app]


Cyberlearn, the e-Learning Center I was working for, wanted to offer a mobile app to every students of the University, whatever their major was. Research showed that the most common need to every student was improving language skills. I have been chosen for designing and programming an app following said research.

M-Drill improves the students skills in languages by sending them a daily quiz based on their language level and weaknesses. The more a student will use the system, the more the algorithm will know about him and tailor the questions.

Today, three languages are available in M-Drill (French, English and German) and the backend is ready to host more.

[iPhone, iPad and Android app, available on the App Store and Google Play]

Guerilla Shopping

This is the first native iOS app that I have developed for the Swiss University I was working for. Guerilla Shopping helps you to spot and record the clothes that you'd like to buy on sales and helps you to get ready to purchase them once the prices drop. The clothes can be ranked and localized on a map to offer the user a more efficient path to go from a store to another.

[iPhone app]

Personal projects


I was responsible to get some animations ready for a friend’s wedding dinner and I couldn't find a simple app to manage a scoreboard on a projector screen, so I decided to create mine. It was a good occasion to experiment with the development on OS X which is pretty easy to deal with for those who are use to create iOS apps.

[Mac OS X application]


One day a the office, I accidentally put my espresso cup on the screen of my iPad and I suddenly had an idea to experiment with the iPad development (which was new at the time of iOS 3) to play a prank on my fellow co-workers. Vitroceram mimic the behavior of a hot plate, and it's all I have to say!

[iPad app]

Pedagogical Podcast

A mobile web app I created for my Bachelor of Science thesis. Pedagogical Podcast is a multiplatform Podcatcher that retrieves its data from a Moodle LMS.

The published thesis (in French) can be downloaded here.

[Mobile web app]


A Java project that I created at the end of my first year of Bachelor of Science. GeoQuiz is an app that helps you learn more about natural disasters and test your knowledge with quizzes.

[Java SE application]


I developed this app to help the members of a music group to plan their future gigs. Everyone in the group can inform the others about their own availabilities and see who will come to a concert or not. Even though I developed this app 10 years ago and that I stopped maintaining it, it's still online and in use.

[PHP web application]